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The Complete Guide to Why you Should Hire a consultant!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

"Consultants often solve the problem more quickly, get better results, and are less expensive over the long term"

We help food and beverage retailers experience significant profit growth, with a clear roadmap to increase sales by 25% and improve customer service from worst to first with my"Passion for Profits" system.

We will reduce operating expenses, improve your customer service standards and help develop your teams for long-term growth.

4 Advantages of Using External Consultants Over Internal Employees:

  1. Consultants have more industry experience.

  2. Consultants provide a more objective perspective.

  3. Consultants are at lower risk.

  4. Consultants help companies move faster.

Hi, I’m Chris Berthelson. The Founder of Wise Precision Business Consulting. As a Retail Business Consultant, I help food and beverage companies increase top-line sales, improve customer service standards from worst to first, and double bottom line profits! Unlike my competitors, my 25+ years of growing profits across multiple retail sectors gives you proof my services and solutions are proven to work!

How can we help you?

My "Passion for Profits" system is tailored around your business needs. It is proven to increase top-line sales, improve customer satisfaction from worst to first and grow bottom line profits!

  • With my Optimization Program, I’ll help you save the time and resources needed to develop and implement solutions for your business. This deep dive will give you a clear and unbiased audit with action steps and a timeline your business will need to boost sales, skyrocket your customer satisfaction and put more money to your bottom line.

  • Some of the key items you will get when we discuss your business are:

  1. Clear and unbiased audit of your business's key metrics.

  2. Action steps and a timeline designed to guide your business.

  3. You save time by allowing me to audit your business and develop the steps you need to show improved results.

  • What it does for your business:

  1. A clear understanding of where your business is underperforming and overperforming.

  2. A roadmap that is easy to follow and guides your team.

  3. Your time is valuable. This step allows you to continue to focus on your business and lets us take the time needed to really audit your business.

Book your FREE Business Consultation with Chris Here!

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