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Is sustainability the new normal for consumers making their purchase choices in 2023?

50% of consumers in 2022 say yes! This is up 35% from pre-pandemic consumer responses.
And 32% of recently polled consumers paid MORE for that purchase!
Brands and retailers have noticed the trends as well. 60% are investing in creating products that are green or have a social impact.
  • In fact shoppers are choosing to buy from retailers with sustainable and transparent business practices.

  • Consumers globally are more likely to buy from a brand with a clear commitment to sustainability.

  • They are also more likely to purchase a product online if they’re able to recycle the packaging and the product itself.

If you are a retailer ask yourself this question. In an industry that GENERATES an impactful amount of waste, how do we become more sustainable?

  1. Do you recycle more?

  2. Do you go paperless?

  3. Do you offer more eco friendly brands?

  4. Do you change your store design and concepts?

  5. Do you change your store packaging?

If you are a retailer the choices might be obvious but are they achievable? Do you have a choice?


Let us know what you think about sustainability and how to achieve it. The global consumer is listening!

Chris Berthelson

WP Business Consulting



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