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Training Will NOT Solve Your Company Problems!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

More Training Won’t Solve Your Company’s Problems!


And the fact that most leader's don't realize the main reason between success and failure is troubling!

The go-to response for organizational issues is typically some form of reactionary training. The script goes like this: Something is not working correctly or something is not getting the results the company had hoped. So what do we do: Design the training. Deliver it. Move on.

And unfortunately I have seen this method implemented buy various organizations over the last 25 years and it has not has changed the end results. Why?

Why Training Alone Doesn’t Work

  • According to a Forrester report, about 40% of employees and managers are unsatisfied with on-the-job training. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure every program is relevant and achievable. If your employees have enough on their plates to keep them busy every day, they might view training as an interruption and pay less attention to it. Similarly, participants won’t be engaged if you’re reusing the same dated videos from years back. Ultimately, training won’t be effective unless you address the root of the problem directly, set clear performance objectives, and prompt managers to reinforce desired behaviors.

Before you decide if MORE training is needed ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the gap you think training will bridge?

  2. What’s causing the gap?

  3. Is training necessary to fix the gap?

If you want some help deciding the best way to improve your results and your training programs contact me today! Let's chat about how I can help your business!

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Before your decide to add more training to your teams:

Get Managers On Board!

  1. If you do decide training is necessary, it’s vital to get the support of managers. Over the the years working with several different Fortune 500 Companies executives wanted managers to actively develop the next generation of leadership. This was great as we know bench strength is important. So the learning and development department moved forward with creating a training plan to develop the leaders of tomorrow and it looked great!

But nothing in their plan focused on managers allocating the time to make this task a priority. Your current leadership team can not buy into training if they do not have the time to do so. And the group you want to train loses interest because it is not done the right way!

  • Recently while working with some newly promoted leaders in an organization I was told the hiring process was broken because employees were getting hired and not staying and it was a constant "Ferris wheel" of new hires.

  • It took me about 15 minutes to see for myself that they did not need MORE training they needed MORE TIME to implement the already in place training program that was not being followed. My conversation with the "new" associate was exactly what I thought it was.

  • It was not a lack of training programs it was a lack of implementing the already in place training programs because there was not enough time to do so properly.

"We help food and beverage retailers experience significant profit growth, with a clear roadmap to increase sales by 25% and improve customer service from worst to first with my "Passion for Profits" system."
"We will reduce operating expenses, improve your customer service standards and help develop your teams for long term growth."
  • My passion to see others succeed is what drove me to begin this consulting journey. I have over delivered on every expectation for more than 25 years! These results were achieved because I had hardworking and dedicated teams that believed in me and believed we could have success with my strategies and solutions. Their personal and professional growth is always what drove me to ensure we were successful! I could not let them down. I had to find a solution that would help us celebrate their accomplishments.

  • My mission is to see every single person find success in what they do! My mission is showing every business how to double sales and profits by following my "Passion for Profits" system.

More training may not solve your company's problems. You need to ask yourself what is the root cause of your problems.

As an Retail Business Consultant I can give you the outside view you need to see what the problems are and help you fix them quicker than you would by yourself!

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Chris Berthelson CEO/Consultant

Wise Precision Business Consulting



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