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November 2022

Exciting new Brand Launches!

Enjoy and relax anytime, anywhere!

WP Business Consulting is excited to bring the Relax Shot by Spatonics to the travel retail scene!

The Relax Shot is the first in a series of innovative spa upgrades. Developed as the ultimate solution to quickly quiet your mind and effortlessly relax your muscles, relaxing is essential to maximizing the therapeutic benefit of any massage, spa treatment, or quick shut-eye during travel.

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WP Business Consulting is proud to bring Oneiro to the travel retail scene!

ONEIRO is an exclusive line of clean and natural travel essentials formulated with gentle ingredients to nourish your body and soul. Born out of the commitment to protecting the planet, all bottles and tubes are made from a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, most of which comes from plastic waste in the ocean.

Elevate your travel experience - for you, your guests, and our earth!

WP Business Consulting in partnership with JES Travel Retail / JES Partner Programme is very excited to be launching #TheBugCo Preventive and Cooling Mosquito Sprays and Watches in Travel Retail channels across the US, targeted at outdoor holiday and adventure seekers!!

The Bug Co
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Domestic nail and fashion iconic brand Tip Beauty is taking the Global travel retail sector by storm!

Why is #tipbeauty ranked in the Top 10 nail companies? Here is why!

- Fast Application. No more waiting for coats to dry, no more smearing or smudging.
- Achieve salon-quality nails anytime, anywhere in minutes.
- It can be cut and filed into a French tip or other styles. Specialized non-toxic nail glue is used.
- Offers a huge variety of styles and designs to choose from
-Highly customizable in terms of design, trends and subscription box options.
- 100% female owned and operated.



We are very excited to announce as part of our global partnership with the JES Travel Retail / JES Partner Programme , we will be introducing and promoting VENTUNO ITALY | Italian Regional Food Experience to our travel retail channels and networks.

#Ventuno is the perfect pairing across multiple travel retail and hospitality sectors. From gifting to loyalty programs, and stand-alone customer experience retail spaces. The possibilities are endless!



Travel Retail Blue Light Glasses by Barner Brand are taking the travel retail sector by storm! Why?

Barner Brand delivers High-quality and stylish computer glasses to protect your eyes from the Blue Light of digital devices. It will provide you with better sleep and healthier life.

New, stylish and innovative designs push Barner Brand to the forefront of Travel Retail and the future of airport shopping.

"We are leveling the Travel Retail Playing Field"

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In partnership with German based JES Travel Retail and founder Tim Jobber  we offer a complete package of consultancy connected to travel retail outlets!

Our packages encompass the following:

U.S. airport retail outlet tender decks including: 

• A unique service includes a summary of the airport bidding processes, a detailed discussion with you on your location concept, consulting and due diligence for ABCDE partnerships and airport regulations, as well as government requirements pertaining to the project.

•Preparation of the required submission documents and monitoring of up-and-coming submission windows.

•Our service includes the time investment it takes to stay in front of and on top of the project at every turn. Your travel retail interest and investment will always stay top of list priority. 

•An investment of $2.500,00 for a complete ready-to-go deck preparation will be fully refundable if you are short listed by the airport authority and select JES Travel Retail and Wise Precision Business Consulting to work on your more detailed submission.

Airports want you they just don't know about you! Contact us for more details

You can also check out our guest blog on the JES Travel Retail Website Here!

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