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About Wise Precision

Business Consulting

Our Mission

To develop, provide and implement a clear and tailored roadmap for executives within the retail sector to elevate their sales results, sustain long term profitability and expand their global reach. 

We treat our clients like partners, working alongside you to overcome your most challenging obstacles to improve your operational efficiency.


Trusted industry-leading retailers, our strategy guidance lays the groundwork for greater profitability and global growth.
Our Global Partnership allows us to understand industry leading trends you need to achieve your business goals.
Chris Berthelson
WP Business Consulting

Meet Our Founder

With over 25 years of cross-industry experience, Chris Berthelson takes a hands-on approach to retail business. consulting. After generating over $30M in combined sales as a general manager at major US airports, Chris has helped retail executives navigate a roadmap to expanding across the US. 

Chris earned a reputation as the “turnaround specialist” from top retail executives and has earned countless awards both personally and on behalf of his partners for consistently exceeding expectations, nurturing the leaders of tomorrow and building relationships that will continue to evolve in a changing retail environment. 

The 2018 “Airport of the Year” award serves as a testament to his proven track record of success. 

Through his efforts at Wise Precision, he puts his “Passion for Profits” system to work for growth-minded retail executives, achieving 2X sales, improved customer satisfaction and profits along the way.

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Wise Precision
Business Consulting

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